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We are a small family run start up specifically put together as a response to Brexit. Some of us are for it; some against; but all of us are concerned at the inherent risks of 'no deal' leading to short-term food and supply shortages.

While preparing our stockpiles we thought we should make them available to the public through our 'Survival Packs'. This can help to take some of the worry and effort out of doing it yourself. If it turns out you do not need the pack, all of the items can be recycled through your kitchen cupboard just like your weekly shop. Each pack contains supplies for a family of four for one week - or longer if you ration your daily food intake.


We also have a 'gift pack' - a more lighthearted box containing items from around Europe that may be in short supply after Brexit. It is recommended that if you buy the survival pack (and you actually need it) having the gift pack as well will help maintain morale. After eating porridge every day for a week it is heaven to get even a single square of Belgian chocolate!

The 'Bug Out' pack is designed to provide some of the most important items you will need in the event of having to leave your home. The Bug Out pack should be kept in an easily accessible location, fully stocked and ready to go at a moment's notice.