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Simple recipies to ensure you get the most from your survival pack and a balanced nutritious meal every day.

Sep 9

Best recipe for quick and easy dinner. For everyone who likes pasta and shrimps :) https://club.cooking/recipe/shrimp-fra-diavolo
Moss Ebden
Jul 22

Easy and quick sushi recipe, very good even for the beginners! https://club.cooking/recipe/shrimp-tempura-roll/
Levin Beauchamp
Jun 16

I want to share useful site with quick and delicious recipes https://club.cooking/recipe-category/shrimp/ , give it a try and ask questions, because I often cook shrimps, so can give you some tips
Gustave Boak
Sep 2

Easy and so tasty, Corned Beef! https://club.cooking/articles/how-long-to-cook-corned-beef
Moss Ebden
Jun 21

Recipe of boiled chicken breast, very juicy and soft https://club.cooking/recipe/how-to-boil-chicken-breast/