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Enough food to last a family of four for one week in the event of a No-Deal Brexit.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to tide you over until food becomes available again.

In the event of no Brexit all items can be put into your store cupboard and used normally.

Healthy, high quality goods.  


Porridge Oats 4x500g
Dried Fruit and Nuts 4x200g
Fruit & Nut bar 4x35g
Basmati Rice 2x1kg
Italian Pasta 7x500g
Tins of Tuna 4x120g
Cans of Sardines 4x75g
Beans (variety of) 4x380g
Packets of Passata 4x500g
Tins of Spam 4x200g
Macaroni Cheese 4x385g
Devonshire Custard 4x400g
Packet of Salt 85g
Packet of Pepper 25g
Mixed Herbs 2x11g
Sugar Lumps 500g
160 Tea bags
Instant Coffee (93 servings)
Powdered Milk


We recommend you also buy the 'Treats Pack' - one can only live on staples for so long!

Please Note: Branding and packaging may vary from image shown. 

Survival Pack (Standard)

SKU: 0001
  • Calorie count: ~ 37Kc

    Weight of Package: ~ 18Kg


  • Delivery is expected to take 2-3 weeks.